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Completion of Repair of Coke Oven Battery №1, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP)

Within the framework of a three-year contract for technical assistance in hot repair of Coke Oven Battery №3 VSP, the scope of work has been temporarily moved to COB №1 for recovery of 17 problematic ovens at the request of the plant. Hot repair of COB №1 was carried out within the period from November 2012 to October 2013. During this period, 17 heating walls of coke oven battery were relined throughout the entire length of the battery. The last of the repaired ovens was charged and handed over to the plant for operation on 01.11.2013.

Works on hot repair of Coke Oven Battery № 3 were renewed 30.09.2013. Rebricking of heating walls throughout the entire length from the ovens sole was conducted by flow line method. Heating walls were rebricked sequentially as on COB №1, one by one, with minimal loss of coke production during repairs. The quality of repair was recognized by the personnel of the plant as performed at a high level.

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