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25.10.2019 The Fifth Russian Coking ConferenceMore >>>

30.08.2019 Inspection of Coke Oven Batteries at the Ural Steel JSCMore >>>

06.05.2019 The repairs of heating walls of COB No.4 of the Coke Making Shop at EVRAZ ZSMK are completedMore >>>

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Rules for technical operation of coke & by-product plants (ПТЭ КХП-2015) came into effect!

Rules for technical operation of coke oven factories and enterprises (known as ПТЭ КХП-2015) came into effect since 01 May, 2016. These rules were developed jointly and in coordination with VUKHIN and NP Russian Steel. The rules are as recommended list of actions but not compulsory and no any penalties envisaged for non-compliance with the same.

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