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The Annual Russian Coking Conference

Annual Russian coking conference was held in Moscow on the 9th – 10th of November 2017. The event took place in "Bakhrushin" (Ibis Moscow Centre Bakhrushina) Hotel Complex.

The Conference was attended by over 60 participants: directors, managers and specialists of coke-chemical enterprises and plants, design institutes and engineering companies of Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Serbia, India and China.

The conference presenter - moderator was Korchagin Vladimir Ivanovich – Director General of Ogneuporkoksservis as well as the previous year.

As the year of 2017 was declared in Russia the Year of Ecology and Environmental Protection, participants of the conference presented interesting reports and presentations on improvement of environmental safety of coke plants, best available technologies of metallurgical coke production, the issues of environmental legislation implementation requirements. The topic of the coal resource base and its security; maintenance and repair of coke oven batteries, automation solutions and other interesting questions were discussed.

In between sessions the participants exchanged views and shared experiences, communicated and established relations, that is undoubtedly the most valuable attribute of this event.


The Conference generated a consolidated opinion on the following questions:

  1. Emissions of pollutants from stacks of coke oven batteries represent over 70% of total emissions of coke production and are characterized by maximum concentrations of carbon monoxide and suspended particles. Consequently, automatic control and data transmission means are to be installed exclusively on the chimney for two marker substances: carbon oxide and suspended particles.
  2. The issue of national "Technological standards of emissions of pollutants for coke chemical production" development.
  3. GOST 25543-2013 lies in the basis of Russian coals classification where the raw material base of coking coal is divided into more than three dozen of monomeric coal ranks from weakly sintering, gas, fat - up to coking weakly sintering, low-metamorphized, dry-burning coal. International classification of coals is based on the commercial approach - where coking coal is divided into 4 large groups: solid, semi-solid, semi-soft and soft coal. Recommend to VUHIN to bring the positions of national classification closer to international in view of technological and commercial value of coals.

Convey the above mentioned information to the attention of "Russian Steel" Association and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.


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