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Adjustment and alignment job at Coke Oven Battery No.3 in Iran

As a result of the closed bidding arrangement, OKOS LLC was chosen as the winner and awarded a foreign job contract to render technical assistance/ supervision services in a project involving adjustment of ovens heating mode and alignment of the buckstays of Coke Oven Battery No.3 at the ESFAHAN STEEL COMPANY (ESCo) Plant in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The rated specifications of the COB 3 design are detailed in the table below:


Description Value
1 Number of ovens, pcs 74 (2 blocks of 37 each)
2 Chamber length, mm 15,860
3 Chamber height, mm 7,000
4 Average chamber width, mm 410
5 Coking chamber taper, mm 50
6 Effective volume, m3 41.3
7 Output capacity, thou. tons* per annum 900
8 Number of vertical flues in a heating wall, pcs 32
9 Heating system twin verticals & WH recirculation;
mixed gas; undefiring
10 Coking time, hours 15
11 Number of gas collectors, pcs 1


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