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Inspection of Coke Oven Batteries at EVRAZ Zapsib Steel Mills

August to October 2018, OKOS LLC experts being subcontractor of VUHIN JSC carried out an inspection of the ZapSib COBs health. The batteries inspected were No.1 to 4, and 7 at the Coke Plant, which is part of the Zapsib Steel Mills combined ‘Sinter – Coke - Blast Furnace’ Facilities. The job was accompanied with a snapshot recording.

The inspection work covered the following items and facilities:

  • coking chambers, oven door lining, carbon deposits;
  • heating system, through the inspection holes of vertical flues;
  • sole ducts and regenerators’ checker bricks;
  • condition of the bracing system (flashplates, door frames, buckstays, tie-rods, spring units);
  • condition of the gas collectors and gas off-take fittings;
  • condition of the coke machines and the auxiliary mechanisms;
  • repairs in progress of the coking chambers’ refractory brickwork.

The Customer was presented a detailed report on the COBs technical condition. The report also contained:

  • forecast for duration of the batteries’ operational life based on the current scope of the maintenance /repairing activities;
  • recommendations for extending the batteries’ operational life c/w a list of the types and scope of maintenance/repair activities required and a resulting forecast for COBs operational life duration;
  • recommendations for prospective contractors for such repairs.

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