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Inspection of Coke Oven Batteries at the Ural Steel JSC

In August 2019, the OKOS team commenced their work involving inspection of the technical condition of Coke oven batteries Nos.1, 3 and 4 at the Ural Steel’s Plant in the city of Novotroitsk.

Inspection of these coke oven batteries is being carried out using means of photographic evidence and video recording and implementing our own control and measuring tools and instruments (i.e., thermocouples, pyrometers, draft & pressure gauge, etc.). The objective of this activity is to determine the actual health of subunits, components and structures of technical devices and units, and then, based on the data obtained, to work out a comprehensive programme (strategy) for the development of these coke production facilities.

The design specifications of coke batteries No.1, 3 and 4 are indicated in the table below:


Sr.No Description Value
COBs No.1, 3 & 4
1 Ovens in battery, pcs. 61
2 Year commissioned

No.1 – 1992

No.3 – 1988

No.4 – 1987

3 Oven types Twin verticals & WH recirculation
4 Heating system side firing
5 Effective volume of coking chamber, m3 20.0
6 Coking chamber overall dimensions:  
a) Chamber length, mm 13,120
b) Chamber height, mm 4,300
c) Average width, mm 410
7 Heating gas coke oven gas
8 Number of gas collectors, pcs. 2
9 Rated output capacity, thou. tons / annum 426

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