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Job completion at EVRAZ ZSMK (ZapSib) Plant

In December 2020, OKOS team has completed the job involving repeated adjustment and regulation of the heating system at the running coke oven battery No.1 of EVRAZ ZSMK JSC in Novokuznetsk. Two main objectives must be attained during the work execution, as follows:

  1. Carry out the temperature and hydraulic modes adjustment of the coke oven battery and develop the process regulations for the battery operation with oven turnover time varying from the rated times to extra-long periods;
  2. Make action to avoid formation of the lens-like wall carbon deposits, which deteriorates the proper operation of coke ovens.

To achieve the set goals, the following activities were performed:

  • The proper load values were restored in the major and auxiliary spring units of the battery bracing system. The system components were duly adjusted;
  • The gas guns (flues) were purged using special devices;
  • Using thermocouples, temperatures were measured in the heating verticals and along the coke cake central line;
  • The majority of burners in vertical flues were replaced;
  • Adjustments of the heating and hydraulic modes of the running battery were performed.

The management of the EVRAZ ZSMK Coke & By-product Plant gave a high appreciation of the work done by the OKOS specialists. Based on the job results, the Customer issued a positive feedback letter.


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