Realization period

"Zhong Hong Xin"

Integrated Iron-and-Steel Works, Handan, Hebei province

Hot repair of coke oven batteries №№ 2, 3, 4 (h=4.3 m.) of by-product-coke plant:

- rebricking of heating walls throughout the whole length;

- rebricking of heating walls to the depth of 4-8 vertical flues;

- repair of the reinforcing equipment;

- hot repair of refractory brickwork laying of heating walls by method of ceramic welding;

- repair of inclined flues' zone;

- full replacement of 2 courses of regenerator's checker bricks;

- repair of regenerators' walls;

- repair of the sole channels;

- adjustment of coke ovens' heating mode;

2007 - 2011